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Miguel Ventura
Fafe, Portugal
02:00 am

Equipment Details:

Canon 600D Astro Modified
Sigma 35mm F1.8 180 Sec x 30
Optolong L Enhance Filter
Omegon MiniTrack Lx4

Post-processing Details:

Stacking in Sequator
30x180 Frames
Edited in Ps

Image Details:

In the image I framed the area of ​​the Swan Constellation, one of the most imposing that we can appreciate high in the sky, on these pleasant summer nights. The main stars of Swan form an easily recognizable asterism being also known as the Northern Cross, with several bright stars, such as Deneb, Albireo and what is considered the “heart” of the Swan, Sadr. This whole bit of sky, which is part of the milky way, has an immense amount of emission nebulae, whose reddish color is related to their hydrogen-based composition.