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Patrick Prokop
Savannah, GA, USA
05:00 am

Equipment Details:

Orion EON 130mm Triplet Refractor with the ZWO ASI 071 mc Pro camera.

Post-processing Details:

Images captured in N.I.N.A. and located by Stellarium.
24 x 2 minute exposure images were stacked in Deep SkyStacker using the "Comet" routine

Image Details:

Comet C.2021 A1 ... LEONARD is observable in the eastern predawn skies not too far from the bright yellow star Arcturus in the sky. The comet is still too dim to see without optical aid but could be observed with a small telescope or binoculars. This comet will be observable until mid-December. Oh, and by the way, according to the Stellarium software, it is moving at 42 kilometers per second, which is 94,000 MPH.