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Ron Haggett
Yuma, Arizona, USA
07:05 pm

Equipment Details:

William Optics Z61 with flattener
iOptron CEM26 mount
Canon 600D camera

Post-processing Details:

Crop, color balance and correction, tags

Image Details:

Jupiter in conjunction with the constellation Capricorn.

Jupiter at 4.9 AU and a magnitude of -2.23. As Jupiter passes through Capricorn, it appears close to Cap 42 (mag. 5.3, 108 LY away); Cap 44 (mag. 5.9, 435 LY); Cap 45 (mag. 6.2 LY); and Cap 49, also called Deneb Algedi (mag. 2.8, 39 LY).

Deneb Algedi, also named Delta Capricorn, is a multiple star system, the primary star being a white giant and is the brightest tar in the constellation.

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