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Ron Haggett
Yuma, Arizona, USA
06:00 am

Equipment Details:

iPhone SE (2nd generation) back camera, 3.99mm, f/1.8

Post-processing Details:

Sharpen, crop, juxtapose.

Image Details:

These 2 images show crepuscular rays (left) and anti-crepuscular rays (right). These photos were taken 9 minutes apart (06:00 and 06:09, local time).

Crepuscular rays are sunbeams that originate when the sun is below the horizon during twilight hours. The image on the left is looking due east just before sunrise.

Sunbeams can also extend across the sky and appear to converge at the anti-solar point, the point on the celestial sphere opposite of the Sun's direction. In this case, they are called anti-solar rays. The image on the right is at the anti-solar point (due west). The earth's shadow (dark blue at the horizon) and the Belt of Venus (dark pink above earth's shadow) can also be seen in this image.

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