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Chirag Bachani
Marathon, TX, USA
03:23 am

Equipment Details:

Camera: Canon EOS R6
Lens: Sigma 14mm F/1.8 Art DG HSM
Tripod: MeFOTO RoadTrip

Post-processing Details:

By creating layer masks and stacking over 40 frames with meteors, I was able to create a meteor composite in Photoshop. The base layer of the Milky Way was edited to bring out contrast and color. The meteors were selected from individual frames of a timelapse and stacked together using layer masks.

Image Details:

The Geminids Meteor shower produced a spectacular show with over 100 meteors per hour at the peak around 2am local time on December 14th. This image displays over 40 meteors captured throughout the night from a Bortle Class 1 dark sky in Marathon, TX. Many of the meteors lasted over 2 seconds and were typically green and blue. Also present is the Andromeda Galaxy in the middle left of the image.