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What we know about climate change

With all the talk about climate this week, it's a good time to revisit what we do know about climate change.

How New Jersey’s sustainable oyster fishery got that way

Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory on the New Jersey side of Delaware Bay assists the one sustainable oyster fishery on the East Coast.

New hope for fisheries to curb overfishing

A new study shows that letting some fish grow up and reproduce - to replenish the fisheries - is good for fishers' incomes.

Crops for electricity yields more miles than ethanol

Researchers found that burning crops for electricity for electric vehicles would produce 81 percent more transportation miles than using the same crops to produce ethanol.

Dust storms escalate in western U.S., affect ecosystems

Why so many dust storms now? Across vast areas, soil is being loosened by off-road vehicles, livestock grazing, road development for oil and gas production ...

Clearing up climate change misconceptions

Kudos to a journalist who debunked climate change myths and explained climate change facts.

Energy Internet needed in a crowded world

An Energy Internet is one component of Thomas Friedman's vision to change the way America thinks about - and uses - energy.

Indonesia’s coral reefs rebounding quickly

It’s a hopeful sign as we enter 2009: Coral reefs damaged by the 2004 tsunami are recovering suprisingly quickly.

Ocean acidity studies raise more yellow flags

New reports indicate that ocean acidification is becoming a real problem in waters off of Washington State and could affect...

Carbon offset projects: Which are the best?

Looking to offset your carbon emissions? Now you can with confidence, thanks to a new online list of vetted, high-quality...

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