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Alex Reshanov

Lifeform of the week: Leafcutter ants

Humans aren't the only species that farms, they're not even the first.

Lifeform of the Week: Eels, cuter than you think?

Let go of your aversion to slimy animals and embrace the eel appeal.

Tracking foodborne illness with Yelp

A pilot project uses online restaurant reviews to find unreported outbreaks of food poisoning.

Split brains reconnect via alternate routes

Scientists uncover how patients born without a corpus callosum can still communicate information between right and left brain.

Lifeform of the Week: Monotremes are a true singularity

The egg-laying Cadbury Bunny is an invention of advertising, but monotremes are the real deal.

Want to retain information? Take notes with a pen, not a laptop.

Taking notes on a laptop is fast and convenient. That could be a problem.

Do microbes spoil food to avoid sharing?

Don't enjoy your fruit with a coating of slime and fur? Fine then, that just leaves more for the microbes.

Still no evidence for blood-type diet

The latest research shows no evidence that tailoring diet to blood type benefits health.

Four easy New Year’s resolutions, thanks to science

Skip the diet and exercise. There are faster routes to self improvement.

Humans aren’t top predators, says new report

Despite a global increase in meat consumption, humans are far from the top of the food chain.