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Peter Lowenstein

Patterns in mammatus clouds

On December 4, it remained dry in Mutare, Zimbabwe, despite a spectacular attempt to rain!

Close lightning strike with slow motion

See video of a close and loud lightning strike. "It gave me a fright as the flash was bright and was accompanied by a very loud bang!" Video here.

The kiss

Elephants are known to wrap their trunks around each other, much as humans shake hands or give a hug. They rub their bodies against each other to show affection.

Fiery sunset clouds over Zimbabwe

These sunset clouds resemble the real dry season fires going on in Zimbabwe at this time of year.

Watch Mercury and Venus set

What are the odds? Peter Lowenstein caught Venus and Mercury on the evening of their conjunction - July 16, 2016 - setting through a thin break in the clouds.

Watch 5 moonsets over Zimbabwe

Moonset at 5 different points on the horizon, at 5 different moon phases, from a young moon to the June 20 full moon at Zimbabwe's winter solstice.

Sunrise stripes on Hospital Hill, Zimbabwe

A rare combination of light and shade over a hillside in Mutare.

Crepuscular and anti-crepuscular rays

Next time you see crepuscular rays, aka sunrays, turn around. You might be in luck and see anti-crepuscular rays, as Peter Lowenstein did in Mutare, Zimbabwe on Easter Sunday.

Iridescent Kelvin Helmholtz clouds

These clouds look like breaking ocean waves. It's rare to see them iridescent!

Amazing lightning time-lapse from Zimbabwe

Video of 20 spectacular cloud-to-ground lightning strikes that took place on a single afternoon in Mutare, Zimbabwe.