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Emily Howard

Sea lion is first non-human mammal shown to keep a beat

Previously, only birds with talents for vocal mimicry were thought to possess rhythmic ability in the animal kingdom.

Monument Valley timelapse

Enjoy this timelapse video of the American Southwestern landscape as shot by Les Projections de la Cabane in September of 2009.

ALMA Telescope officially goes online

When running at maximum observational power, ALMA will see the universe in a resolution 10 times greater than that of Hubble Space Telescope. Its altitude - above 40% of Earth's atmosphere - is part of what makes it so powerful.  

Video: What type of electricity hurts more: AC or DC?

Ouch! Mehdi Sadaghdar answers this question by running electricity through his own body and giving us feedback.

Man reunites with gorilla after five years apart

Conservationist Damien Aspinall reunites with the gorilla he raised, five years after the gorilla was released into the wild.

EarthSky to cover ALMA Telescope Inauguration on March 13

EarthSky was recently awarded the opportunity to cover the inauguration of ALMA, the most powerful telescope yet built.

Video: A 1967 version of the Office of the Future

In this 1967 video clip, Walter Cronkite shows us the office of the future. His predictions, though visually dated, are more accurate than you might expect.

Video: The life of flowers

Watch flowers bloom in this popular timelapse video by Vorobyoff Productions.

Video: Timelapse of night sky over southern oceans

In this 2011 video by Alex Cherney, watch the Milky Way unfurl itself over the Southern Ocean coast of Australia.

Hadron Collider used to create sound

Scientists at the LHC are converting data from both real and simulated particle collisions into sound. Hear a proton collision played on marimba.