Winter rainbow over Niagara Falls

Tony Lee said temps were in the 20s (around -7 Celsius) when he captured this shot.

View larger. | Winter rainbow over Niagara Falls, by Tony Lee.

Tony Lee captured this beautiful shot. He wrote on January 6, 2017:

Rainbow appears between American Falls (left) and the Canadian-side Horseshoe Falls this afternoon. The waxing moon can be seen high in the sky. Out of the scene to the right is Venus.

Temps were in the 20s with windchill about 5 degrees F [temps around -7 degrees C. with windchill about -15 C]. My fingertips are still back at the Falls!!

Canon EOS 70D with Tamron 16-300mm telephoto. No post processing.

Thank you, Tony!

Deborah Byrd