Nature in Japan: Time travel

Hideto Shimizu hiked many miles across the mountains of Japan to capture the images in this gorgeous 90-second video. He wrote: “I hope it delivers you the feelings of the places I photographed.”

Nature in Japan | time travel from Hideto Shimizu on Vimeo.

Earlier this month, filmmaker Hideto Shimizu posted an image at EarthSky Community Photos, using it to point to his beautiful video, which you can watch above. Hideto wrote:

I have hiked about 150 km (93 miles) on notable Japanese mountains and visited numerous less mountainous locations to make this time-lapse video. During the journey, I encountered wild bears, had my eyelashes frozen in the cold and sweated a ton.

I saw a lot of beautiful scenes, but my favorite is the sunrise with the right condition. When clouds clear the way for the sun to shine at the horizon, and a band of warm color illuminates part of the sky and gradually the peaks of mountains, excitement fills my heart so much that I want to breathe in the whole view to keep inside me.

I made this video to hopefully share that feeling.

Beautiful and amazing, Hideto! Thank you for sharing.

Deborah Byrd