Venus through saguaro cactus

The brightest planet in our sky, and the largest cactus species in the U.S. Thank you, David Jamieson, for sharing your photo with EarthSky!

Photo credit: David Jamieson

Venus in the west after sunset, by David Jamieson

David Jamieson at Cave Creek, Arizona took this shot of the planet Venus – brightest planet visible from Earth – on Sunday (February 8, 2015) with a Olympus E-P3 with a 14-42 mm lens. Thank you, David!

The saguaro cactus in this photo are really special, by the way. They are the largest cactus in the United States. You see them in a lot of old Western movies, but you might not know that saguaros are found in a relatively small area, exclusively in the Sonoran Desert, in southern Arizona and western Sonora, Mexico. Click here for a saguaro cactus fact sheet.

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Eleanor Imster