Taal Volcano in Philippines spews ash

So far, there’ve been no reports of casualties or major damage from the event that began Sunday. At this writing, the alert level has been raised to 4: “an imminent hazardous eruption.”

Cloud of volcanic ash spewing high into the air, with lightning in the cloud.

View at EarthSky Community Photos. | This photo – by Arjen San Miguel, posted to EarthSky by Bob Flecknell – shows the view on Sunday.

Schools and businesses are shut across Manila in the Philippines today (January 13, 2020) as Taal Volcano – about 70 km (45 miles) to the south – spewed ash for a second day. The clouds of ash are blanketing the city. Thousands are being evacuated. There are reports of red-hot lava gushing from the volcanic crater, which is in the middle of a lake. Seismologists warn an eruption could happen at any time, potentially triggering a tsunami. Read more from Reuters.

Bottom line: January 12, 2020 photo of clouds of ash spewing from Taal Volcano in the Philippines.

Deborah Byrd