Sunset over Greece

A beautiful sunset on one of the long days of summer.

View larger. | Nikolaos Pantazis wrote:

View larger. | Photo by Nikolaos Pantazis

Nikolaos Pantazis posted this photo to EarthSky Facebook a few days before the summer solstice. He wrote:

Every year, on the days around summer solstice, the setting sun aligns with that rock, near the village of Platanos, Peloponnese, Greece.

You might know that – although the June solstice brings the longest day for the Northern Hemisphere, the latest sunset always comes in the days after the solstice. That’s true for Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, too, although it happens for them at the December solstice, when it’s summer in that part of the world. Read more about the latest sunsets.

Deborah Byrd