Sunset along Ireland’s Kerry coast

Alan Egan captured this beautiful sunset scene near Causeway in Kerry County, Ireland. He said the smell of blooming flowers mixed with the fresh sea air.

VIEW LARGER | A painterly sunset along Ireland's Kerry coast from EarthSky Facebook friend Alan Egan.

Photo via EarthSky Facebook friend Alan Egan.

County Kerry, Ireland

County Kerry, Ireland in dark green.

A painterly sunset along Ireland’s Kerry coast from Alan Egan, who said his inspiration for the shot:

My mother had been at me for ages to head back to where she grew up in Clashmealcon, Causeway to get a picture of the cliffs back there for her.

The flowers were in bloom all over the edge of the cliffs and their smell mixed with the fresh sea air was amazing.

Unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture the smell but I hope this picture and does the scene justice.

Thanks so much for sharing the photograph and the experience, Alan!

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Chris Comfort