Snow goose moon

To our knowledge, Snow Goose Moon isn’t one of the commonly used moon names. But, at least in some parts of the world, it should be.

Migrating geese in front o the moon, caught on March 26 in Fairfield, Montana, by John Ashley.  Visit John Ashely Fine Art.

Migrating geese in front of the moon, caught in Fairfield, Montana by John Ashley. Visit John Ashely Fine Art.

John Ashley of Montana caught this image on the morning of March 26, 2016. He wrote:

Migrating snow geese lift off at dawn on Saturday, leaving Freezeout Lake and flying past the 92% gibbous moon on their way to nearby agricultural fields for a morning feed.

Nikon D750, 500mm lens. 1/1000 sec at F8 and ISO 1600.

Thank you, John!

All of the full moons have names, from various cultures

Deborah Byrd