Shelf cloud over New Hampshire

Shelf clouds are what meteorologists call arcus clouds. They’re low, mostly horizontal clouds, usually associated with a thunderstorm’s leading edge.

Photo by Josh Blash

Photographer Josh Blash calls this image Skyfall. He wrote: “Everything is quiet, a little super dangerous.”

Josh Blash wrote in late July, 2016:

Finally we had a storm that didn’t dissipate before it got here. I took this July 23 in Rye, New Hampshire, just after one storm had rolled through. This is a shelf cloud for the approaching storm.

It was vicious when it hit with lightning, hail, and wind that felt like it was going to lift my car off the ground.

“Everything got very still when I took this, just moments before the fury of the storm began.” Photo by Josh Blash.

Bottom line: Shelf cloud before a storm in New Hampshire, July 23, 2016.

Deborah Byrd