See the horse in this lightning?

Pareidolia is seeing familiar objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects or patterns … like seeing a horse in lightning.

Image via Richard Hasbrouck

Lightning horse via Richard Hasbrouck.

Richard Hasbrouck in Truchas, New Mexico sent in several images in response to our article on pareidolia: seeing things that aren’t there. Richard wrote:

Shooting lightning by letting the shutter stay open for a relatively long time, then reopening it right away makes it possible to record the very short duration (a few hundred milliseconds) lightning flash. One has no idea what was captured until viewing it on the computer monitor.

This one was a surprise, looking like horse rearing up.

Camera pointed toward area of most activity. Low ISO and small aperture permitted 30-second exposures in sunset’s moderately low light conditions.

Thanks, Richard!

Another example of pareidolia from Richard Hasbrouck. He wrote:

Another example of pareidolia from Richard Hasbrouck. He wrote: “Here at 8,100 feet in northern New Mexico spectacular sunsets are the norm. This one caught my attention; the dark cloud looks like a creature with a long tail and open mouth.”

Eleanor Imster