Hello and good morning to u!
Truly one of my best wild life experiences ever while photographing the moon. I had to keep stopping taking photographs because Smokey my dog was swimming with the whales 30 feet off shore and would not come back to land. I was stuck between exhilarated and freaked out as I could see the whales breaching near Smokey, she would look at me when I called her but kept swimming with the whales. The whales were feeding at the very low tide, as I had come out to photograph the bio-luminescence in the water but never made it past that harvest moon halo. After I had finished taking photographs Smokey and I were again standing next to the water listening for more whales and a huge sea lion jumped out of the water 20 feet from us. It was an awesome night out on the shore of Vancouver Island.
Cheers James Younger

October 28, 2015

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