Seahorse aurora

Seeing a seahorse shape in the shifting light of an aurora is an example of “pareidolia.”

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Juan Carlos Casado РStarryEarth on Flickr Рsubmitted this photo to EarthSky. He captured it in Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland on March 28, 2017 and wrote:

All night the sky was full of auroras, which sometimes intensified showing colors, movements and striking structures, like this one that reminds of a seahorse. The image was captured with a fisheye lens and a modified Sony A7S camera, which thanks to its high sensitivity allows to take shorter exposures and capture more detail in the auroras.

Wonderful shot … thank you, Juan Carlos!

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Juan Carlos also kindly provided this annotated image.

Bottom line: An example of pareidolia – seeing a familiar shape in an unrelated object – in this case the shape of a seahorse in an aurora.

Deborah Byrd