Rainbow light in the mist, Sweden

What appears to be a corona, possibly caused by water droplets in a mist – or even by pollen – as the sun rises over Sweden.

Photo taken July 20,2016 by Birget Boden.

Photo taken July 20, 2016 by Birgit Bodén.

EarthSky Facebook friend Birgit Bodén wrote from Sweden:

The rainbow color in the mist from the rising sun early this morning…. north of Vittjärv in northern Sweden …

Thank you, Birget!

Notice Birget specifically say this is a “rainbow,” just rainbow colors. It’s not a true rainbow because rainbows are always seen opposite the sun. We asked Les Cowley of the great website Atmospheric Optics how to describe this rainbow-like light. He said:

It’s possibly a corona caused by diffraction by nearby mist droplets.

It might even by produced by pollen (if pollen is still in season in Sweden).

Thank you, Birget, and thank you, Les!

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Deborah Byrd