Name Mike Taylor
Location Arches National Park, Utah
Date and Time Taken
Story behind the image A rare puddle from an afternoon shower makes for nice reflections along the walkway to Turret Arch in Arches National Park, Moab Utah. The moon came up as a sliver behind me and offered just the right amount of illumination on the arch and the foreground at 4 AM. The light pollution on the horizon below the Milky Way is coming from the town of Moab. This image is a as single exposure that was processed through Lightroom 5 twice – once for the foreground and once for the sky – and blended through Photoshop CS5.

Nikon D600 & 14-24 @ 14mm
f/2.8 – 30 secs – ISO 4000 – WB Kelvin 3570
05/24/14 – 4:04AM

© Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography

June 11, 2014

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