Bright meteor!

The North Taurid meteor shower is peaking around now. It tends to produce a lot of fireballs, or very bright meteors. Keep watching! The shower is sparse, but it goes all month.

Photo by Mikkel Valentin Hansen.

Mikkel Valentin Hansen in Denmark caught this very bright meteor on November 8, 2017 and wrote:

I got my first set of aurora-shots, amazing experience. After it had died down, I saw a small meteor in my peripheral view. I then kindly and quietly asked our dear Universe, if maybe I could get a bit more aurora, or a meteor. I kept shooting until my remote died, changed the batteries in it and in my camera, and then changed the interval from 5 seconds to 1 second. Then, 20-30 seconds later, this giant came flying straight down right in front of me. I could do nothing but laugh out loud …

I started doing astrophotography a year ago, almost exactly, and this was the best anniversary-gift anyone could ask for.

Thank you, Mikkel!

Deborah Byrd