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See it! Moon and Venus close

“Simply stunning!” wrote Andrew Bradley in Kirkham Lancashire, England, on December 4, 2018.
Moon and Venus over Scotland – December 4, 2018 – from Yvonne S K Hendrie.
Moon and Venus on December 4, 2018, from our friend Jenney Disimon in Sabah, N. Borneo.
It was December 4 in Hong Kong when Matthew Chin caught the moon and Venus in a hazy sky.
The moon, Venus, and Spica before sunup in Ocotillo Wells, California, via Claire L. Shickora.
Moon and Venus on December 3, 2018, via Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona. He wrote: “It was quite a sight for a few minutes when the lighting was just right, dark enough for the moon and Venus to be brilliant and light enough to have some color in the clouds …”
“Moon, Venus, Earth,” wrote Brett Joseph in San Anselmo, California, on December 3, 2018. Can’t see Venus in this daylight photo? It’s in the lower left of the photo. Here’s how to see Venus in daylight.
The December 3, 2018, waning moon, planet Venus and bright star Spica via Lunar 101-Moon Book.
December 3, 2018, moon and Venus from Steven Bellavia.
Nikki Gregory posted this December 3, 2018, photo of the moon and Venus on EarthSky Facebook.
Raul Cortes in Monterrey, Mexico, said he had a cloudy sky on December 3 and had to wait for a break in the clouds to catch the moon and Venus.
Waning crescent moon sharing the sky with Venus (below) and Spica (right) on December 3, 2018 via Greg Diesel Walck – Lunar and Landscape Photographer, in Mount Vernon, Virginia.
Venus and the moon on December 3, 2018, via DrArvind Mishra in Jaunpur, India.
moon, venus, spica
The moon, Venus, and Spica as captured by Melissa Seitz at dawn from Higgins Lake, Michigan, December 4, 2018.

Bottom line: December 2018 photos of the moon and Venus close together by members of the EarthSky community.

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December 3, 2018
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