See it! Moon sweeps past Jupiter

Have you been watching the moon’s sweep past Jupiter this week? From the time they rise in mid- to late evening until dawn, they’re still the brightest things up there.

View larger. | The April 5, 2018 moon in between Jupiter (bright one to the right of the moon) and 2 other planets – Mars and Saturn (brightest 2 to the left of the moon, very close together) – via Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona.

The bright moon swept past bright Jupiter this week, and now it’s headed for Mars and Saturn. The moon and Jupiter were closest on the nights of April 2 and 3, but people around the globe are still seeing them – ascending in the eastern part of the sky beginning around mid- to late evening, well up before dawn – and you can see them, too. Just watch for the moon! The bright object nearby is Jupiter. Meanwhile, Mars and Saturn were in conjunction on April 2, and they’re still very close in the hours before dawn. The moon will pass near them this weekend.

See photos of the Saturn-Mars conjunction

Martin Marthadinata in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, caught the moon and Jupiter on April 3, 2018. From his location, he said, the moon rose at 7:53 p.m. local time.

Moon and Jupiter on April 3, 2018, from Joey Zahari Mawi on Penang Island, Malaysia.

Moon and Jupiter on April 3 from Jamie Winters Ramos.

Bottom line: Photos of the moon and Jupiter, April 2018.

Deborah Byrd