2017 sky optics, Hong Kong

Even if you stay in one location – and a major city to boot – it’s amazing what you can see just by looking up.

View larger. | All photos by Matthew Chin.

Our friend Matthew Chin in Hong Kong posted this composite image to EarthSky Facebook earlier this month. Matthew writes a blog on optical phenomena, visible in and around Hong Kong’s skies. This image represents his summing up for 2017:

1) 07/29 Iridescence Cloud
2) 07/08 CZA- Circumzenithal Arc
3) 08/05 Rainbow
4) 07/19 CHA- Circumhorizon Arc
5) 07/24 UTA- Upper Tangent Arc
6) 09/24 Twin Rainbow
7) 09/07 Lunar Corona
8 ) 07/13 Lunar Halo
9) 05/12 Sun Halo
10) 07/12 Moondog / Lunar Arhelic Circle

Thank you, Matthew!

Bottom line: Optical phenomena seen in the sky over Hong Kong in 2017.

Deborah Byrd