Venus and Jupiter, from Brazil

Most of us don’t often (or ever) witness the view at sunset, from atop a high mountain, on which is perched an astronomical observatory. The 2 planets here are Venus and Jupiter.

Gustavo Porto del Mello wrote:

Jupiter (higher) and Venus (framed by a cloud) at twilight seen from atop Observatório Pico dos Dias Р1,870 meters (6,135 feet) in altitude Рin southeastern Brazil.

He said he is a professional astronomer who goes this observatory frequently to perform spectroscopic observations. Obrigado, Gustavo!

By the way, we in this hemisphere see Venus and Jupiter slant upward from right to left above the sunset. From the Southern Hemisphere, they slant upward from left to right.

Bottom line: Venus and Jupiter seen from an astronomical observatory in Brazil.

Deborah Byrd