Boo! Halloween star trails

When your camera stays fixed as the stars move throughout the night, you get a photo of what are called star trails. Then … just add pumpkins.

Gowrishankar Lakshminarayanan, who composed this photo, calls it Keep Looking Up With Cosm-‘0’-Lanterns.

Gowrishankar Lakshminarayanan was at North South Lake Campground, Haines Falls, New York when he created this image of Halloween-themed star trails. He wrote:

I always wanted to do some kind of astro nightscapes with the Halloween ghosts/ghouls … That night was particularly cold with the onset of fall weather, and I had to battle strong winds that made the weather even more cold. Am happy none of my pumpkins got knocked off due to these heavy winds … had to secure them with tapes and back support. :)

In the background you can also see my another camera setup on a tracker … and, in the far back, one of my friend observing through his ‘scope.

Thanks, Gowri, and Happy Halloween to you!

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Deborah Byrd