Big Dipper over Horseshoe Spring, Utah

The famous Big Dipper asterism, caught mirrored in Horseshoe Spring, one of many natural hot springs in Utah’s West Desert.

Photo by Marc Toso of

Marc Toso captured this image on October 9, 2017 and wrote:

About one hour west of Salt Lake City in the West Desert there are several natural springs, this is place is called Horseshoe Spring.. This is a wonderful area because it is not much of a drive yet the light pollution is very minimal. The worst is from the highway to the north, which is visible in this image.

The water was very still allowing for a an almost perfect reflection of the night sky. The seven bright stars of the Big Dipper, part of the Ursa Major constellation, were mirrored in the water.

Nikon D810a

Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 @1.4

A RAW file was opened in Adobe Photoshop and adjustments were made using the Curves tool.

Thank you, Marc.

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Bottom line: Photo of the Big Dipper over Horseshoe Spring, Utah.

Deborah Byrd