New York City sunset

A May 2020 sunset over the nearly empty streets of New York City.

The May 2020 supermoon with the face of Buddha superimposed upon it.

Happy Buddha Purnima on May 7

Buddha Purnima – Buddha’s birthday – is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Vaisakh (April/May) according to the Hindu calendar.

Earth’s biggest iceberg breaks off smaller berg

The colossal iceberg from Antarctica’s Larsen-C Ice Shelf finally fractured in April, generating a new 51-square-nautical-mile iceberg.

Red rainbow over Bellingham, Washington

An EarthSky Community member caught an unusual red rainbow arching high into the sky.

A tiny crescent world, in rainbow-like colors.

Many-colored crescent Venus

Maybe you didn’t realize Venus can appear as a crescent, much less in rainbow colors? These effects happen when Venus draws near its time of passing between us and the sun, which it will on June 3.

Breakup of comet ATLAS

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided astronomers with the sharpest view yet of the breakup of comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS).

Young moon and Venus: Favorite photos

The moon is sweeping past Venus on these late April 2020 evenings. The EarthSky Community is catching them, and sharing their photos. Thanks to all who submitted.

Black circle with tiny dots of light and thin white stripe.

Photos of April’s Lyrid meteor shower

The Lyrids end the “meteor drought” that happens each year between early January and April. Enjoy these photos of the April 2020 Lyrid meteor shower from the EarthSky community. Thanks to all who contributed!

Our home world from afar

Celebrate Earth Day with these 10 images of Earth from space.

Look up together: A video celebrating International Dark Sky Week 2020

This video comes from John Ashley in Montana, one of our favorite sky photographers. It’s in celebration of International Dark Sky Week, April 19-26, 2020 and features musician Peter Mayer.