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Volcanic mood rings

The crater lakes at the summit of Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia change colors from day to day. The colors can change from white, green, blue and brown to black.

See it! Last night’s moon and Venus

Photos from EarthSky friends around the world of Sunday evening’s spectacular moon and planet Venus, and Saturday’s moon and Mercury. Thanks to all who submitted or posted to our Facebook page! Miss then? Try again Monday.

Geyser and Milky Way

Milky Way over Biscuit Basin, in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park .

July sunrise

Yesterday’s sunrise over the Potomac River at Fort Hunt, Virginia.

See it! Tuesday’s moon near Aldebaran

Aldebaran represents the fiery red eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus. Check out these dramatic photos of the moon and Aldebaran close, on Tuesday morning.

See it! Venus and Regulus meet

The bright planet Venus and star Regulus – brightest light in the constellation Leo the Lion – met in the western twilight sky Monday evening.

Here’s how much smaller the sun looks at aphelion

We passed aphelion, Earth’s farthest point in orbit around the sun, on July 6. The eye can’t detect it, but a camera shows that the sun around now appears at its smallest in our sky.

Chaotic clouds of Jupiter

Juno captured this image of swirling cloud belts and tumultuous vortices in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere during the spacecraft’s 13th close flyby of Jupiter in May.

Bright Mars and its reflection

Can Mars appear this bright? Its brightness here is enhanced. Notice the MIlky Way, which doesn’t look so bright to the eye. But Mars will be very bright – easily bright enough to reflect in water – in July 2018.

See it! This weekend’s moon near Mars

July 2018 will be Mars’ month, when it’ll glow brighter than the bright planet Jupiter … brighter and redder than it’s been since 2003. Photos of this weekend’s moon and Mars from the EarthSky community, here.