Pink sky over Yosemite

Yosemite Valley in California is home to most of the park’s famous waterfalls. This photographer caught the valley at dusk.

Favorite photos for Earth Day 2019

Here’s a collection of wonderful photos from the EarthSky community in celebration of Earth Day 2019. Thank you all!

Don’t miss these sunspot photos

More photos of the magnificent solitary sunspot – AR2738 – that’s made its way across the sun’s face over the past couple of weeks. Thanks to all in the EarthSky community who contributed photos!

See it! Photos of Venus and Mercury

Mercury and Venus came so close in the morning sky this month that they fitted into a single binocular field. But from Earth’s northerly latitudes, Mercury was hard to see! Photos here.

Fogbow over New Mexico

An early morning fogbow over the desert in northern New Mexico.

Moon inside the Winter Circle

Rita Raina captured all the stars in the Winter Circle, as the moon swept through it. She said, “It wasn’t easy getting them all in the frame … but it’s done!

A "star party," at night, with red flashlights illuminating a group scattered around telescopes, with a bright streak passing overhead.

Hubble Telescope joins a Messier Marathon

There are 110 Messier objects. They are some of the sky’s most beautiful nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, from a list originally published by Charles Messier in 1774. During a Messier Marathon, stargazers with telescopes try to find as many in one night as they can.

A whale at the ocean surface, with a cloud of rainbow-like light above.

Whale rainbows

Whales are magnificent creatures and … they produce their own rainbows. Photos and video here.

Photos of last night’s young moon

The young moon has returned to the west after sunset. Check out these photos from the EarthSky Community.

Fireball over New Mexico

You can expect meteor activity to increase in the coming months, as we re-enter a time of year for major meteor showers. Here’s what appears to be a random meteor, but a very bright one!