Imaged on: Sunday 3rd August 2014.

One of the sharpest images ever obtained of Mercury, a small crater within a 3.75 KM / 2.33 mile wide area within the Hokusai Quadrangle in the Northern Hemisphere on Mercury.

Here is seen an unnamed crater only 1.5 KM / 0.93 mile wide in the hermean afternoon. The surrounding terrain and the crater profiles appear quite smooth, owing to many millions of years of thermal changes between the hermean day and night as well as micrometeoroids, ‘gardening’ the regolith.

The smallest craters and degraded ghost craters seen in this image are only 20 metres / 65 feet wide.

The bright streak within the crater is a Cosmic Ray strike on the MDIS NAC CCD.

On Friday 12th September 2014. the MESSENGER spacecraft periherm, the closest point to Mercury was successfully raised from: 24.3 KM / 15.1 miles to 94 KM / 58.4 miles, extending the mission further.

Periherm will be raised again on: Friday 24th October 2014 and once more on: Wednesday 21st January 2015, when the fuel on board MESSENGER is expected to be depleted.

MESSENGER is expected to impact Mercury on the weekend of Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th March 2015.

49.81° North. 71.33° East. Resolution: 7 Metres. MDIS NAC.

Text: Andrew R Brown.

October 8, 2014

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