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Night scene from Kvænangsfjellet in Norway

Photo credit: © 2014 Tor-Ivar Næss
Photo credit: © 2014 Tor-Ivar Næss

This image came from our friend Tor-Ivar Næss, who took the photo on Kvænangsfjellet in Troms, Norway.

Troms, Norway
Troms, Norway

Kvænangsfjellet is a hill in the region of Troms, in northern Norway, with an average elevation of 1,837 feet above sea level. It’s a very sparsely populated place. To get to the nearest town larger than 50,000 inhabitants takes about 21 hours by local transportation.

Tor-Ivar Næss wrote:

It’s not the most intense aurora display ever, but I really liked the combination between the ambient light from the small town, Oksfjord and the aurora itself. Combining those two with the cold night light you kinda get a complete palette with red, green and blue

Thank you Tor-Ivar!

March 21, 2014
Today's Image

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