Moon and Venus over Texas

Bright Venus shining next to the moon over Waxahachie,Texas on Sunday.

Waxahachie, Texas. Photo credit: Tracy Lynn Jones

Photo credit: Tracy Lynn Jones

Our friend Tracy Lynn Jones shared this beautiful photo with us. Thank you Tracy Lynn!

On Sunday evening (September 8, 2013), the moon swept past the planet Venus in the west after sunset. Our friends across the globe shared their photos of Venus and the moon in their skies. As the line of sunsets swept westward around the globe, the images came first from Australia and New Zealand, then Asia, the Middle East, Europe and finally the Americas. As the day passed, we could see from the images that the moon was drawing closer and closer to Venus. Why? Because the moon is moving in orbit around Earth, and its movement across half a day is noticeable in the sky. You can see that movement of the moon by looking at the photos in our gallery, from top to bottom. Check them out: Best photos of moon and Venus on September 8

Eleanor Imster