Milky Way with moon

The Milky Way is best seen with the eye alone in a moon-free sky, but this photographer caught the Milky Way in moonlight.

The Milky Way with a 30% illuminated moon - September 8, 2016 - via Matt Aust - startrails.

The Milky Way with a 36% illuminated moon via Matt Aust – Startrails.

Matt Aust in Germany wrote about photographing the Milky Way in bright moonlight on September 8, 2016:

Milky Way with moon – a difficult combination.

I was waiting for the moonset. The Milky Way, however, was still visible with the unaided eye, so I tried … not so easy without including lens flares and difficult to edit, but I was surprised at the result.

Thank you, Matt!

Deborah Byrd