Milky Way over Sun Valley, Idaho

John Boydston submitted this beauty shot of the Milky Way and wrote, “Lots of Earth and sky in this one.” For sure! Thanks, John.

Image via John Boydston. Thank you John!

Image via John Boydston. Thank you John!

John Boydston took this photo in the first week of August, 2016, standing on the Wood River driving range in Ketchum, next to Sun Valley, Idaho. He wrote:

Lots of Earth and sky in this one. You see some Milky Way core, a Perseid meteor left center (leading up to the peak but still a few days off) Mars, Saturn, Plaeides, … haze from the lights of downtown Ketchum, Idaho with some horizon smoke from wildfires burning some distance away. And some stars reflecting on water … The trees on the right are backlit from oncoming cars on [Highway] 75.

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Bottom line: Image of Milky Way rising over Sun Valley, Idaho. Submit your image to EarthSky here.

Eleanor Imster