Infrared star trails over Texas

Star trails in the Texas night sky – in infrared, popularly known as “heat radiation” – from EarthSky Facebook friend Manish Mamtani Photography.


EarthSky Facebook friend Manish Mamtani Photography said this was his first attempt at photographing star trails in infrared.

We see many photos of star trails. These star trails from Manish Mantani Photography are different, though. The photo was taken not in visible light, but in infrared. In other words, the wavelength of this “light” is just greater than that of the red end of the visible light spectrum.

Manish Mamtani captured this photograph with a full spectrum Canon t2i with a Canon 10-22mm lens. He had this to say about the shot:

This is my first infrared star trail shot that I created a week ago in Texas. I have taken many pictures of night sky in infrared but not the star trails. I hope you like it.

We do. We love it.

Infrared radiation is popularly known as heat radiation. It’s used in night vision equipment when there’s not enough visible light to see. Click here to learn more about the use of infrared to aid night vision.

What are star trails?

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