Moon composite

Last month’s full moon plus this month’s waxing gibbous moon, combined.

A round, very detailed moon with the darkened portion of the moon also visible.

View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Composite moon image by Stefan Nilsson of in Ă…hus, Sweden.

Stefan Nilsson wrote:

This is a composite consisting of 121 images. The main image is the moon from March 5, 2020 and is 79% lit while the shadow side is from February 8, 2020 and is 99.5% of the full moon.

The star image is based upon a widefield image of Cassiopeia which was shot at September 21, 2019 with a focal length of 135mm.

The moon parts are shot at 1200mm.

I hope you enjoy this detailed moon image. Anyone wants to buy a big aluminum print? I need to see this printed large :)

Visit Stefan Nilsson on Facebook at Thank you, Stefan!

Bottom image: Composite moon image.

Deborah Byrd