Follow your own path

Mike Taylor shot this photo in the Maine woods facing toward a warm autumn sun.

© Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography

© Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography

Mike calls this photo “Follow Your Own Path.” He wrote:

Be creative. Trust your instincts. Live life without regrets. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Look up at the stars. Be humble. Listen to your inner voice.

Wonder. Awe. Courage. Reverence. Triumph. Respect.

Life’s journey can be quite blurry. Look for the path that leads you to your own clarity and your own strength.

This photo was shot in the Maine woods staring into a warm September sun. It has been processed through Lightroom 4 & Photoshop CS5 with quite a bit of motion & gaussian blur filter blended in to create the finished image.

EXIF data: Nikon D600 – 14-24mm @ 17 – f/18 – 4 secs – ISO 50 – 09/01/13 – 4:53 PM

Thanks so much Mike! You can see more of Mike’s images at Taylor Photography.

Eleanor Imster