Lunar fogbow over Finland

This luminous fogbow was captured this weekend by EarthSky Facebook friend Thomas Kast.


A fogbow seen in Finland, captured by Thomas Kast. You can see more of his photos here.

Thomas Kast captured this beautiful fogbow and had this to say:

Last night – August 24/25, 2013 – I was hoping for a great aurora show due to the expected CME. No auroras, but mother nature gave me treat I’ve never seen before!

In this rather cold August night (+8C) there was patchy fog, especially in open fields. This lake remained clear for a long time. At one point I saw this white bow with moon in waning gibbous phase behind me. I had no clue what it was I saw and started to take pictures.

Thomas was seeing a fogbow for this first time in his life, and lucky for us, decided to share it with the world through this amazing image! Thank you Thomas!

A fogbow is much like a rainbow, made from the same configuration of sunlight and moisture, but caused by the small droplets inside a fog or cloud rather than larger raindrops.

Here’s more information about fogbows – and great images!

David Callejas