Earth’s shadow, sea and land

Earth’s shadow is a blue-gray line ascending in the east each evening, as the sun sinks below the western horizon. Belt of Venus is a pink line above the shadow.

Photo by Greg Redfern.

Photo taken by Greg Redfern, February 22, 2016, in the Torres Strait.

Greg Redfern (aka Sky Guy Greg) wrote:

Thought you might like a land and sea perspective on the Earth’s shadow and the Belt of Venus.

The at-sea pic was taken February 22, 2016 in the Torres Strait which separates N. Australia and Indonesia. I took it while underway aboard Azamara Quest. It’s the full Snow Moon complete with anticrepuscular rays.

The second pic is of the last moonrise of spring 2016 – June 19 – day before the full Strawberry Moon, as seen from Shenandoah National Park. It features Old Rag Mountain.

Thanks, Greg!

When can you see Earth’s shadow?

Photo by Greg Redfern.

Last moonrise of spring – June 19, 2016 – via Greg Redfern in Shenandoah National Park.

Bottom line: Two photos from Greg Redfern show a land and sea perspective on Earth’s shadow and the Belt of Venus.

Deborah Byrd