Crab Nebula

Visible only through telescopes, the Crab Nebula – aka M1 – is all that remains of a cataclysmic supernova explosion that lit the daytime sky in A.D. 1054.

Crab Nebula. Photo by Mark Shelton.

View larger. | Crab Nebula. Photo by Mark Shelton.

Mark Shelton of Birmingham in the United Kingdom wrote:

The Crab Nebula is one of my favorite objects, and I was determined to try and capture it in all its glory. I call this image Burning Like Fire as the hydrogen-alpha layer looks like a match that is bursting into life. In this image, the hydrogen-alpha layer is integrated into the red, giving it its fiery sparkle.

This image was taken four miles from Birmingham Airport under heavy light polluted skies. To make it look like this, I had to master good processing to remove light pollution.

Thank you, Mark!

Deborah Byrd