Flying Horse over Cusco, Peru

If you travel from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere, or vice versa, you’ll see familiar constellations. But their location in the sky will be shifted in surprising and delightful ways.

Constellation Pegasus the Flying Horse by Linda Spadaro.

Linda Spadaro captured this image of the constellation Pegasus, the Flying Horse, on October 15, 2017. She wrote:

I live in the Northern Hemisphere and never really noticed Pegasus before. But traveling to Peru in October, it just dominated the night sky. I was first confused thinking it was the Big Dipper, but after research I knew I was seeing for the first time the magnificent constellation of Pegasus in an upright position to really appreciate its shape and size. I was awed at how easy it was make out the winged horse galloping through the skies … I followed it every night for the 12 nights of my visit.

I inserted lines to show the constellation Pegasus jumping over a beam of light on the ground.

Nikon D750, wide angle lens.

Thank you, Linda!

Deborah Byrd