Camping under Orion’s shadow

Orion the Hunter is one of the most noticeable constellations, as seen from around the world. Here’s a shot taken in the Himalayas.

Photo by Nitish Thakur in India.  You can see the constellation Orion easily in this shot, because the 3 medium-bright stars at its midsection - the stars known as Orion's Belt - are so noticeable.

Photo by Nitish Thakur of India. To see the constellation Orion, look first for the 3 medium-bright stars at its midsection. These stars known as Orion’s Belt.

Nitish Thakur? wrote:

Camping under the shadow of Orion on a hiking trip in the Himalayas.

The final picture is a composite of 3 vertical shots.

Thank you, Nitish!

Deborah Byrd