Bubble nebula

Energetic radiation from a hot, young central star ionizes a shell of gas, causing it to glow and creating this bubble in space.

View larger. | Photo by

View larger. | The Bubble Nebula. Photo by Jaspal Chadha. Used with permission.

Astrophotographer Jaspal Chadha from London used an Altair Astro RC 250TT telescope to acquire this wonderful shot of NGC 7635, aka the Bubble Nebula.

Located in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia the Queen, the “bubble” is blown out into space by fierce stellar winds from a hot, young central star. This star – known as BD +60°2522 – has 10 to 40 times our sun’s mass, so the processes taking place around it are extremely powerful. The bubble portion of the nebula is approximately 6 light-years wide. The nebula is located about 7,100 light-years from Earth.

Thank you, Jaspal!

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Bottom line: Photo by Jaspal Chadha from London of the Bubble Nebula.

Deborah Byrd