The ghost of Loulouda

Manolis Thravalos caught this Brocken Spectre recently while mountain-climbing in Greece, near a medieval castle. A chilling experience, he said. Here’s why.

Brocken Spectre at the Castle of L, by Manolis Thravalos.

Brocken Spectre seen from the Castle of Loulouda in Greece, by Manolis Thravalos.

Manolis Thravalos wrote:

I was hiking on a mountain in Samos Island in Greece to prepare a travelogue for a local site I work for as a photographer. On the top of the steep hill you can see the ruins of a medieval castle, named the Castle of Loulouda, after the daughter of a local priest, who fainted and fell off the cliffs some hundreds of years ago.

While I was on the top, a blanket of fog rolled over the mountain and then I saw my first-ever glory and Brocken Spectre (or Loulouda’s Spectre if you want :)

This fog in correlation with the myths around this place was quite chilling!

In fact, the shadow on the mist is Manolis’ own shadow. Read more: What is the Brocken Spectre?

Thank you, Manolis Thravalos!

Deborah Byrd