Mark Shelton
Location Birmingham
Date and Time Taken 15-16 January 2016
Story behind the image Comet Catalina has been a difficult object for me to photograph as my site is heavily light polluted being only 4 miles from Birmingham Airport. The comet has been very low & the weather bad up to the day when the photographs were taken. I struggled with either the full moon on clear nights or poor transparency but I think the result was worth it as we will probably never see this again
Equipment Details Celestron 11″ RASA on a Paramount MX+ mount
Atik 11000 mono ccd camera
Baader 2″ LRGB filters
Guiding at custom speed on the comet using the SkyX
Post-processing Details 54 UVCUT exposures 2 mins each
30 Red Green Blue exposures of 2 minutes
Total integration time 288 minutes
Star mask appended to the L stack theen added as a layer in Photoshop CS6
All comet stacking & noise reduction performed in PIxInsight
Manual alignment of layers in Photoshop CS6
Image Links catalina.PNG

January 17, 2016

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