Awesome foursome in Australian skies

The moon, planets Saturn and Venus, and the bright star Spica on September 9, 2013 as captured by master astrophotographer Colin Legg.

Photo credit: Colin Legg Photography

View larger. | The bright object here is the moon. Directly above the moon is Saturn. Directly below the moon is the brightest planet, Venus. The star Spica is below Venus. Photo credit: Colin Legg Photography. Thanks for sharing Colin! See more photos by Colin Legg here.

One more photo from earlier this week of Venus, Saturn, the star Spica and the young moon. We can’t resist this one! It’s from geologist and master astrophotographer Colin Legg of Australia. He calls it Awesome Foursome. And so it is.

Colin wrote:

Cloud was my enemy last weekend, so no trip south. Determined not to miss the beautiful collection of moon, planets and stars, I did a quick trip north to find a 2-hour window of clarity. Was worth it!

Surrounding the moon are Saturn above, Venus below and the bright star Spica below Venus.

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Eleanor Imster