Aurora over Steinvikholmen Castle

Aurora borealis over Norway’s Steinvikholmen Castle on April 3, by Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo.

Photo credit: Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo

View larger. | Photo credit: Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo

Hallvor wrote:

Steinvikholm Castle is an island fortress on the Skatval peninsula near Stjørdal, in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The castle was built over seven years, from 1525 to 1532, by Norway’s last Catholic archbishop, Olav Engelbrektsson. Steinvikholm castle became the most powerful fortification by the time it was built, and it is the largest construction raised in the Norwegian Middle Ages.

Thank you Hallvor! It’s a beautiful and spooky view.

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Eleanor Imster