Paul Scott Anderson
Parachute with white and orange rdial patterns on the inside.

Did you find the message hidden in Perseverance’s parachute?

The striped pattern on the parachute used by the Perseverance rover to land on Mars contained a hidden message. Internet sleuths were able to figure it out within a few hours.

Very irregular rocky objects in gaseous disk around a bright white star.

Evidence for white dwarfs consuming Earth-like worlds

For the first time, astronomers have detected the vaporized remains of the crusts of long-dead Earth-like and Mars-like planets in the atmospheres of white dwarf stars.

Planet with neon-colored clouds and city-like on the surface, with barbell-shaped orbiting objects nearby.

Can air pollution help us find alien life?

To find alien life in our universe, scientists have considered searches for optical lasers or even giant energy-harvesting structures known as Dyson spheres. Now they’re suggesting a more mundane sort of search, a hunt for air pollution in exoplanet atmospheres.

Long, thin, parallel dark streaks on reddish rocky slope.

Dark streaks on Mars may be caused by salts and melting ice

Researchers at the SETI Institute say that mysterious dark streaks on sun-facing slopes on Mars, debated about for years, may be small landslides caused by a combination of salts and melting ice just below the surface.

Blurry, irregular orange ball lighted from the left on a blurry blue background.

Mars atmosphere shedding charged particles onto Phobos?

New research suggests that particles escaping from Mars’ atmosphere have been accumulating on the surface of the planet’s largest moon Phobos for billions of years. They could provide important new details about the history of both worlds.

Small toy six-wheeled vehicle on rocky ground.

Hey, kids! Meet the new Hot Wheels Mars rover!

Mattel, maker of Hot Wheels, has just released a new Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover to celebrate the landing of the NASA Perseverance rover on Mars on February 18.

Six bright spots with oval lines connecting them and text annotations on black background.

Astronomers see multiple eclipses in unique 6-star system

An international team of astronomers has discovered a unique 6-star system where eclipses of all 6 stars can be seen from Earth.

Orange-colored sea with mountains in background and ringed planet in sky.

A robot submarine could explore Titan’s deepest sea

A new study of data from NASA’s bountiful Cassini mission shows that Titan’s largest methane sea, Kraken Mare, is at least 1,000 feet – 300 meters – deep near its center. That’s plenty of room for a future robotic submarine to explore.

Bright yellowish and whitish ring with white dot in the center, on black background.

Astronomers find possible exoplanet-in-the-making within its own whirlpool

Astronomers have discovered a possible newly-born planet forming within its own “whirlpool” of dust and pebbles, in orbit around a young star 330 light-years from Earth.

Reddish terrain with craters on the left, and the same terrain but with white patches filling the craters on right.

New evidence for multiple ice ages on Mars

Earth has had at least 5 major ice ages. Now it appears Mars – the next planet outward from the sun – has undergone anywhere from half a dozen to 20 ice ages in the past several hundred million years.