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A view from a rocket heading upward, looking down on Earth and a stack of satellites.

SpaceX’s 1st Starlink launch of 2021 went off without a hitch Wednesday

SpaceX launched 60 more of its Starlink satellites on January 20, 2021. SpaceX ultimately intends to launch tens of thousands of these satellites, to provide global internet access. Here’s why astronomers are concerned.

A close-up of a single engine firing.

NASA’s moon rocket test Saturday didn’t go as planned

This final test of NASA’s SLS megarocket was needed to launch the first uncrewed mission in the Artemis program – Artemis 1 – by the end of 2021. Now the program’s schedule is uncertain.

A white, egg shaped spacecraft capsule is seen floating in the ocean water, hauled by a small boat to a larger boat nearby.

SpaceX Cargo Dragon succeeds in 1st Atlantic splashdown

Space’sX CRS-21 Cargo Dragon returned to Earth from the ISS today, January 13, 2021, splashing down off the coast of Florida for the first time ever. The ship also succeeded in the first-ever autonomous undocking.

Spacesuited astronauts, next to lunar rover, on stark lunar surface, with Earth in the sky.

How will the U.S. space program fare under Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is the United States presidential election winner, but his plans for NASA remain unclear. And while citizens digest the election results, the space industry is left wondering what comes next.

This illustration puts PitRanger at the edge of a moon pit, peering its camera inside.

Meet PitRanger: Tiny rover designed to probe the lunar underworld

Researchers have been busily building a prototype of a 33-pound (15 kg) lunar mini-robot, set to be the key instrument in a future mission aimed at capturing high-definition images of moon pits.

Dark splotch-like patches of frozen water-ice are pictured on the surface of Mars.

New ice-mapping Mars mission slated for 2026 launch

The Mars Ice Mapper is a proposed Mars satellite being developed by NASA in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency. Its job is to create detailed geographic maps of water ice across the surface of the red planet.

The Chang’e 5 capsule is pictured after landing in snow-covered grassland, surrounded by personnel.

China’s Chang’e 5 moon craft begins extended mission

China’s robotic Chang’e 5 launched successfully last month atop a Chinese Long March 5 rocket. Now it’s returned to Earth, loaded with moon rocks – the first since the Soviet Union’s Luna 24 mission in 1976.

A big A, transforming to form a human shadow on a stark, moonlike surface.

NASA announces 18 astronauts on its Artemis Team

Two members of the Artemis Team are expected to become the first American man and woman to return to the moon since 1972. The first Artemis mission – an uncrewed test mission known as Artemis 1 – is expected to launch in November 2021.

SpaceX Crew-1 docks successfully with ISS

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Crew-1 spacecraft launched Sunday evening. The rocket returned to Earth for an upright landing on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The spacecraft went on to dock with the International Space Station on Monday evening, transporting 4 astronauts.

The International Space Station is seeing "floating" in space with Earth in its background.

The International Space Station is 20 and going strong

20 years ago, three astronauts stepped aboard the ISS. It’s since hosted residents from many countries, creating humanity’s first history of living in space.